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Open Channel Flow
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ARTS is an hydraulic analysis and design software package, fulfilling the analytical needs of water and wastewater engineers. In scope it covers steady pipe flow of water, air and sludge in single pipes and pressure networks, gradually and rapidly varied flow in open channels, waterhammer in rising mains, wastewater treatment units and systems design. The ARTS graphical interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. It enables users to use sketch diagrams to define systems and convey information. Designers are given access to powerful analytical tools, while at the same time retaining a well-proven traditional approach to system definition.


How does it work?

Typically, there are three steps to analysing any problem with ARTS.

Step 1: Draw a sketch of the system you are analysing. ARTS provides a set of objects which you place on the screen such as reservoirs, sedimentation units, pipes, channels. These are drawn on the screen in the same way as any vector drawing package.

Step 2: Edit the properties of the objects on the screen. Each object drawn on the screen has a set of properties associated with it, i.e. pipes have a length and diameter etc.. Just double-click on an object to get at its properties.

Step 3: Select the desired analysis function. There is a choice of Steady Pipe Flow (for networks, or similar pressurised systems), Unsteady Pipe Flow (for waterhammer in rising mains) and Hydraulic Profiles (for analysis of treatment plants or other gravity flow systems). ARTS displays the results of the analysis superimposed on the original sketch, as well as additional windows in some cases.


Steady Pipe Flow
Water/wastewater or sewage sludge in pipe links and pipe networks.
Water/wastewater in pipe manifolds

Pumping Installations
Hydraulic analysis of pump/rising main systems including multiple pumps, variable speed pumps.

Waterhammer analysis
Analysis of pressure transients due to pump trip out
Control of pressure transients due to pump trip out

Wastewater treatment systems
Hydraulic design of individual process units
Hydraulic design of groups of interconnected process units
Computation of hydraulic profiles

Open Channel Flow
Uniform flow, gradually and rapidly varied flow
Decanting channels with distributed lateral inflow
Storm overflow channels with lateral outflow

Flow measurement Structures
Design of weirs
Design of flumes

Screenshot of ARTS


Sketch of pump/rising main

Pipe property pages

Analysed system with results on screen



Closer view of results

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